Already a Month Late

So I’m only 10 weeks pregnant and already a month late in keeping up with this blog. I’m going to blame it on all the mornings (and afternoons and evenings) spent in the fetal position on the couch or under the covers in bed trying to escape such nauseating smells as air, water and groceries. So far, so much fun! NOT.

In all seriousness though – we’re so excited. And despite the constant nausea, tiredness, and complete aversion to all things edible (besides gummy peach rings) I’ve been counting my lucky stars that it isn’t any worse. And that I have such an incredible husband who cooks me whatever I want, then packs it up in a container, then throws it away a week later. He also does the dishes, the laundry, and snow blows the driveway – and doesn’t complain about how much I complain. What a guy.

So since I’m a little late in starting this blog, here are the cliff notes from weeks 4-10.

Week 4: IUD removed 4 weeks ago. Dr. said it would be about 6 months before regular cycles start up. No period a month later, but not that worried. Got a text from an old friend I hadn’t talked to in a while saying she dreamt I was pregnant. Took a test for fun. WHAT?! Off we go on our honeymoon (newly pregnant) – how cliche.

First of about 5 of these.
FAINT, but it’s there. First of about 5 of these.

Week 5: Back from Nicaragua. Dan says I should have waited to take the test so I could drink on the honeymoon. I didn’t think it was going to be positive! Still feeling like my normal self and enjoying the sun, so I hardly care about skipping the alcohol. Craving lemonade and limeade big time. Told our parents about the pregnancy at Thanksgiving. Everyone guessed before we could tell them. Dad is counting backwards to see if this happened before or after the wedding. It was after.

Happy Honeymooners
Happy Honeymooners

Week 6: Starting to feel like crap. Mostly just tired and a little nauseous here and there. Had some spotting so doctor brought us in for an early ultrasound. Everything looks good and baby has a heartbeat of 124bpm. Can’t believe this is really happening. Still wondering if this baby “will stick.”

First Ultrasound...looks like a peanut but is really the size of half a grain of rice.
First Ultrasound…looks like a peanut but is really the size of half a grain of rice.

Week 7: First regular doctor visit. Heartbeat is a little low at 101bpm. Doctor says not to worry but I’m panicked. Preparing for the worst. A week in agony waiting for the follow-up ultrasound. Feeling even worse than the week before. Can’t eat anything (stress or hormones?) and have lost almost 5lbs. At least I achieved my new years resolution weight loss goal.

Week 8: Follow up ultrasound and heartbeat is strong at 164bpm – perfect growth. So happy I cried. Dan says he knew everything was fine all along. I am on cloud 9. Told a couple friends (even though we were going to wait until Christmas) because I just couldn’t contain the excitement. Feeling even more nauseous. Eating only breads and cheeses and chips. Somehow still losing weight – this is a new phenomenon for me.

Second ultrasound - heartbeat up to 164bpm!
Second ultrasound – heartbeat up to 164bpm!

Week 9: Still feeling like crap, hoping it means everything is all good in there. Weight has stabilized but still not able to gain anything. Although the fat seems to be redistributing to the midsection and I’m getting a “spare tire.” When can I blame this pooch on the baby? Have become obsessed with Cooler Ranch Doritos and gave in to a McDonald’s milkshake and french fries. So good. Told a couple coworkers. It’s so hard to keep it a secret!

Starting to get fat...
Starting to get fat…

Week 10: Still feeling sick (when will it end?!) and spare tire is becoming a truck tire. Told our extended families about baby at Christmas and everyone was so excited. We are so blessed to have all their support. Can’t help thinking about what next Christmas will be like. I bought Dan a gender-neutral onesie that says “My Sister is a Pitbull” – it’s the only baby thing I bought so far. He got me a book called “Natural Hospital Birth.” Funny gift but very thoughtful considering he knows I want to try to do this without drugs….we’ll see how that goes! Also got another quick ultrasound after some very light spotting (ugh!) but baby looks good – heartbeat still in the 160’s. Such a relief to get these little sneak peaks. Doctor says baby is almost the size of a lime! Gave about 8 vials of blood for a heap of prenatal testing. Two weeks until 12 week ultrasound – can’t get here soon enough!

10 weeks, 2 days - kinda sorta starting to look like an actual baby...
10 weeks, 2 days – kinda sorta starting to look like an actual baby…

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