Growing Pains

This week is number 17 (only 3 more weeks to the halfway mark – how crazy is that!?) and I’m pretty sure baby is doing some serious growing. I know this because a) my uterus, ligaments and abdominal muscles ALL hurt and b) I’m now gaining weight like it’s my job. Despite 13-14 weeks of not being able to gain or even maintain my weight – I am now moving solidly in the other direction. At my 16 week appointment I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Today, just a week later, I’ve already gained another entire pound. Part of that MIGHT be due to the dozens of boxes of eclairs, cookies and brownies delivered to my work by our new client (a bakery of some sort). It is both wonderful and horrible to be able to stuff your face without people judging you. But seriously, I am trying my hardest to not freak out about the weight gain, and know that is supposed to happen – but it’s not easy to watch the scale tip so quickly. I’m just hoping and praying all these pounds are going to my stomach only and stay away from my hips, butt, thighs and face (please oh please oh please!).

17 weeks...poppin out a little more each week!
17 weeks…poppin out a little more each week!

In terms of movement I’m still feeling those little butterflies but no solid kicks or anything yet. I know it’s still early for that but I really want to feel it!!! And on a really exciting note – even if I can’t feel little kicks yet, I’m going to get to see them in less than 2 weeks when we go for an ultrasound to find out baby Richards’ gender! We will find out on February 23rd and I am so so so excited. Partly because I want to start decorating the nursery, and partly because I want to start referring to baby as he or she and not “it.” I feel like that makes it way more real. Below are my favorite “nursery inspiration” pictures. And yes, if baby Richards is a girl, I just might paint her nursery dusty pink. All the anti-gender-conformists can pray for a boy.

Baby Girl Nursery
Baby Girl Nursery
Baby Boy Nursery
Baby Boy Nursery

Last but not least – I don’t think this week’s blog post would be complete without at least a little tribute to the BLIZZARD of 2013!!!! While we did end up getting a shit ton of snow (about 28″ followed by 2-3 additional inches on Monday), it really wasn’t like, natural disaster worthy. At least not for us. Our power stayed on, our house was warm, we ate yummy food (Dunkin Donuts stayed open, thank god), and incredibly we were able to survive without a year’s supply of poptarts. This was apparently a large concern for the people of New England, as stores up and down the east coast sold out of them by Friday night. Really, people? That’s what you’re taking with you for the end of the world?

On a more serious note – it was a big storm. A couple of idiots who went out on the roads died, and that’s really sad. And some people did lose their power and were really cold. So while it probably was by national weather standards “a blizzard,” in my mind that’s kind of par for the course when you live in Maine. Easy for me to say though – I watched Fashion Police while Dan snow blowed 3 feet of snow and 5 foot drifts out of our drive way for about 5 hours. Thanks Babe!

The Abominable Snow(blower) Man!
The Abominable Snow(blower) Man!
This is about 3 hours in. The snow was over the top of the snowblower so it was slow going.
This is about 3 hours in. The snow was over the top of the snowblower so it was slow going.
The snow was over Harley's head so she enjoyed it for about 0 seconds before begging to be let inside.
The snow was over Harley’s head so she enjoyed it for about 0 seconds before begging to be let inside.


How far along? 17 Weeks

Total weight gain: 1 lb (I have a feeling it’s all downhill from here)
Maternity clothes?  yep – still not into the maternity shirts yet. CAbi clothes have been working just fine!
Stretch marks? thankfully not yet
Sleep: Not horrible, not great. My hips are hurting from sleeping on my sides.
Best moment this week: 12 large boxes of baked goods delivered to the office
Miss Anything? Feeling all around good with no nausea, heartburn or indigestion 
Movement: Yep, just little flutters though
Food cravings: Donuts, cereal
Anything making you queasy or sick: Being alive (I think I have pregnancy induced IBS – my stomach just hurts all the time, ugh!) If anyone has any tips for how to avoid this, cure this, etc. – please share!!
Gender: We find out in less than 2 weeks!!! Any guesses?
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: general yuckiness – nausea, heartburn, indigestion, etc. (Isn’t pregnancy fun!?)
Belly Button in or out? in (but belly button ring is out, per doctor’s advice)
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, despite feeling a little blah
Looking forward to: Baby’s gender reveal and vacation in Florida!!




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