Dancing Baby

This week the coolest thing happened. I got woken up one morning to baby kicking me really hard – and I looked down and I could actually see my stomach bouncing around. WHATTTT?! So of course, the first thing I do is grab my iphone and try to video tape it. At which point she completely stops kicking. Classic. Luckily she started back up a few minutes later and I was able to capture this:

Also this week I started running out of shirts to wear. I only have two actual maternity shirts and the rest are just regular shirts that still fit – but those are starting to get short and not covering my whole belly – and I’m bored of my limited options, so I went to Old Navy and got some new tees BOGO. Modeling one of the new purchases below. Hopefully it will fit for more than a couple weeks…

26 weeks - baby is almost 2 pounds!
26 weeks – baby is the size of a head of lettuce (ha!) and almost 2 pounds!

Now for those of you following this blog and wondering about the glucose test results – the answer is I have no idea. The doctor never called. I checked with them on Thursday and they said the results in the computer from the lab still said “pending” and that they would only call me if something came back abnormal. So….I’m just going to keep on stuffing my face with canolis unless they call. So far, no phone call.

Also, Margie still has not had baby Charlotte yet (come onnnnnnnn) and I am waiting by my phone all day and night willing it to ring and be her telling me baby is on the way. So far, all quiet on the iphone front.

The only other remotely exciting thing that happened this week is Ellen DeGeneres (my hero) tweeted that she is giving out tickets to her Mother’s Day show for first time pregnant moms. For those of you that don’t watch Ellen (what is wrong with you?!) she does a Mother’s Day show every year, and the whole audience is first time pregnant moms, and she gives away like 10k in baby gear to everyone in the audience. Plus, she’s awesome. So it’s my dream to get on her show one way or another. (Sorry Oprah, you were fun but I need to go on Ellen!)

So anyway I had to send in a photo and 1500 characters about why I deserve to win tickets to the show. Unfortunately, I don’t “deserve” tickets and I also don’t have any kind of good story to get me on the show so I did what us marketing professionals do best, which is make something out of nothing. Here’s what I submit:

Ellen Show Entry
Ellen Show Entry

“I’ve been waiting to enter this contest for SO LONG. I think I really scared the crap out of my parents when I started talking about it because I was probably like 15 or something and they were like, “you want to be on a show of all pregnant people – how are you gonna do that, immaculate conception?”

Well, now – a bunch of years later, it’s almost Mother’s Day, and I’m married, and pregnant with our first baby and it’s time to enter the contest and I am distressed. Because I don’t have a story. I mean I work in advertising as a copywriter, so I’ve been around the contest block enough times to know you gotta have a good hook. And I have nothing, besides “ELLEN I LOVE YOU AND IVE WANTED TO BE ON YOUR SHOW FOR SO LONG.”

I tried writing a cute little story about how my mother-in-law’s psychic predicted this baby 5 years ago (true, but not that interesting), or how my incredible husband works a 14 hour day and then comes home and makes me dinner (also true, but I’m sure someone else’s spouse works a 20 hour day) – or how I’m planning on giving birth in a handstand position and having a pack of wolves deliver my baby (not true, unfortunately, because that would be a really great story).

But the reality is just that I love Ellen. I love everything she stands for. I love her show. I admire her writers, and I’ve wanted to meet her for a really, really long time. Plus, I’m really easy to scare – and I know she loves to scare people.

So help a pregnant girl out, will ya?”

So pretty much I’m just really desperate – and if anyone reading this has any connections or strings they can pull, then PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU I WILL DO ANYTHING!

Ok, that’s enough pathetic groveling for one week. So here’s this week’s chart:

How far along? 26 weeks (14 to go!)

Total weight gain: 15.5lbs (1.5 pounds this week…i should really stop weighing myself)
Maternity clothes?  yep – and I just got some new shirts!
Stretch marks? thankfully not yet
Sleep: actually pretty decent lately
Best moment this week: seeing baby Richards move from the outside
Miss Anything? being able to comfortably paint my toes
Movement: shes’s getting WAY stronger
Food cravings: mac and cheese, ice cream, hot dogs
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope
Gender: It’s a girl!
Labor Signs: Not yet, thankfully, but I did have a Braxton Hicks the other day….weird.
Symptoms: heartburn STILL
Belly Button in or out? in still, but getting much flatter
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy because the weather is finally getting warmer – YAY!
Looking forward to: starting my new job at Ethos (!!! more to come about this next week)

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