Baby Charlotte is Born!

So BY FAR the most exciting thing to happen this week is baby Charlotte (my friend Margie’s little girl) was finally born. She was 5 days overdue but it felt like 500 days. And that’s how it felt for me, I can’t imagine how it felt for her.

Charlotte REALLY did not want to come out. Although Margie did go into labor naturally, she remained in labor for about 20 hours before they finally had to do a c-section and get the little (and by little I mean big) munchkin out. Charlotte was born at 3:10pm on Friday and she weighed 8lbs 6oz and was 20.5 inches long. Also, she is ADORABLE.

Charlotte Teresa Guerrette, 1 hour old - already wide awake!
Charlotte Teresa Guerrette, 1 hour old – already wide awake!

Dan and I were lucky enough to make it to the hospital just after she was born…so we got to snuggle her at only an hour old. LOVE.

Little first time holding a JUST newborn!
Little munchkin….my first time holding a JUST newborn!
So sleepy
So sleepy
Dan with baby Charlotte...already a pro
Dan with baby Charlotte…already a pro
We already love her so much!
We already love her so much!

Now, I promise I did take some pics of mom and baby, but Margie prefers to get home and feeling better before taking internet-bound photos (she looks great…but I totally understand after 20 hours of labor/surgery wanting to shower before having your face posted all over facebook/wordpress). So in the meantime, here’s a great shot of Dad and Charlotte…and also another of the little munchkin at 24 hours old in her first stylin’ outfit.

Jerry and baby Charlotte
Jerry and baby Charlotte
Already stylin' at 24 hours old
Already stylin’ at 24 hours old

So while Charlotte’s arrival was certainly the focus of our week/weekend….Dan and I did get to spend some quality time together on Sunday. The weather was amazing, so while I slept and shopped for baby gear on craigslist, Dan washed my car (best husband ever!) – and then we took Harley for an awesome hike at Bald Pate Mountain.

Thanks Dan!
Thanks Dan!
Hiking Bald Pate Mountain
Hiking Bald Pate Mountain
We made it!
We made it!
Dan and Harley at the summit
Dan and Harley at the summit
I made it! Feeling like a champ at 7 months preggo.
I made it! Feeling like a champ at 7 months preggo.

When we got back from hiking we made s’mores at our little makeshift fire pit in the back yard…and grilled some dinner. I found nitrate free (i.e. pregnancy safe) hot dogs at the grocery store this week which was pretty much the highlight of the week, besides Charlotte being born. I also somehow managed to only gain 1 pound this week. So overall – it was a stellar week. Here’s to another one, hopefully full of warm weather and lots of snuggles with little Charlotte.

28 weeks...only 12 weeks to go!
28 weeks…only 12 weeks to go!

Here’s this week’s chart:

How far along? 28 weeks (12 to go!)

Total weight gain: 18 lbs (only a 1 pound gain this week…it’s amazing that that actually feels like a victory, but it does)
Maternity clothes?  yep
Stretch marks? not yet..fingers crossed
Sleep: decent except for my hips hurting from sleeping on my side with 18lbs of extra weight
Best moment this week: discovering nitrate free hot dogs (also, the birth of Charlotte)
Miss Anything? seeing my feet while standing up straight
Movement: oh yes…im getting beat up these days
Food cravings: ice cream, hot dogs, smores
Anything making you queasy or sick: fish
Gender: It’s a girl!
Labor Signs: Nope…but the annoying pelvic cramps from the first trimester are back 😦
Symptoms: heartburn, tiredness, some cramping
Belly Button in or out? in still, but getting much flatter
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: So happy 🙂
Looking forward to: more cuddle time with baby Charlotte

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