9 months!

This past weekend I became 9 months pregnant. Even though that’s not technically full term (next week is full term) it sounds like it because people always think pregnancy lasts 9 months. All pregnant women, however, are keenly aware that pregnancy is actually 10 (long) months. Those last 4 weeks make a big difference. They involve swollen ankles, 2 minute long braxton hicks contractions, very little sleep, backaches, cramping, rib pain…the list goes on but I’m trying not to become a whiner.

36 weeks (9 months). Hanging in there.
36 weeks (9 months). Hanging in there.

As you can see, baby is now OUT there. She’s still moving all the time but it’s more like these giant rolls and pushes that make my stomach and ribs feel like they’re going to break. Luckily, I’m still able to go to yoga which helps to calm me (and baby) and get everything stretched out so she has more room.

According to the doctor, baby’s estimated weight is just under 6 pounds this week. She think’s baby will be about 7-7.5lbs at birth if she makes it full term. I’m still measuring right on track. Baby is also still decidedly head down, and dropped into my pelvis. While this is great news for my natural labor plans, its bad news for my comfort level which is dropping just about as quickly as baby’s head. I’ve been overwhelmed recently by intense braxton hicks contractions that last minutes at a time and painful pelvic cramps which my doctor says may actually be slowly opening my cervix, but she doesn’t like to check until 38 weeks. So…2 more weeks and we shall find out. Dan thinks baby will be born by then – but I think it’s just wishful thinking. Now that pretty much everything is ready for baby Richards’ arrival – Dan is getting highly impatient.

In other news this week, I had my second baby shower! (I know, I know – so spoiled…such are the benefits of having two incredible families) Once again we were absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity and excitement of our friends and family – and we filled two cars (and an entire nursery) with awesome gifts for baby. Thanks so much Karen and Kathy for hosting!!

Baby's room filled with all her gifts
Baby’s room filled with all her gifts

Needless to say, baby Richards is going to be the best dressed baby pretty much ever – except maybe baby Charlotte, who showed up at the shower looking quite adorable in her nautical themed romper. She was in quite a good mood, too, so my grandma was able to hold her and give Margie a little break.

Beamie practicing her great-grandma skills ;)
Beamie practicing her great-grandma skills ūüėČ

After the shower I went home and spent pretty much the entire afternoon sorting through gifts, washing baby clothes and prepping the nursery. It’s sooooo close to being done. Hopefully by next week’s blog post I will have a little photo tour to share. The only thing we’re waiting on now is the incredible (dream!) glider my grandma Elaine generously bought for us (thank you thank you thank you!!!) and the chevron storage ottoman I ordered to go with it. Both should be arriving later this week and I am pretty dying with excitement. I can’t believe in less than a month I’ll be rocking a REAL BABY in the glider. Life is so crazy.

I leave you this week with an updated chart, and also this lovely picture of what’s left of my ankles (sigh). Doc says its nothing to worry about since my blood pressure and everything else are normal…but man, it is NOT attractive.


How far along? 36 weeks (less than a month to go!)

Total weight gain:¬†29 lbs (I’m increasing my weight gain goal from 30, to 35lbs – ha!)
Maternity clothes?  not even, living in leggings and yoga pants
Stretch marks? ugh, yes
Sleep: not so much
Best moment this week: another incredible baby shower!
Miss Anything? seeing my toes
Movement: tons
Food cravings: milkshakes, ice cream, anything cold
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope
Gender: It’s a girl!
Labor Signs: lots of braxton hicks and pelvic cramping
Symptoms: acid reflux, back pain, rib pain
Belly Button in or out? kind of in between
Wedding rings on or off?¬†still on, hands aren’t swelling too badly….yet
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy, but uncomfortable
Looking forward to:¬†traveling back to MA this weekend for Taryn’s bridal shower!

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