38 weeks

Well…..Im still pregnant. No 4th of July baby – sorry Dan. I know it’s not even my due date yet so this shouldn’t really come as a surprise, but once you get to the last month of pregnancy, every day without a baby feels like a year. A really tired, overweight, uncomfortable year.

Another horrible photobooth shot since Dan is working :/
Another horrible photobooth shot since Dan is working :/

To pass the time Dan and I have been doing lots of cleaning (gotta get the nest ready!), walking (ouch ouch ouch), swimming (awesome) and general lounging at various lake houses. Over the long weekend we spent pretty much every day either in a boat, on a beach or by a bonfire. Despite feeling like a beached whale, it was pretty awesome.

We spent the 4th of July on big sebago on Carol’s new pontoon boat. We met up with some friends on the lake and then sailed over to a sandbar to hang out for the day – swimming, eating, sunning and making fun of each other trying to get out of the water and back on the boat (it takes some serious upper body strength!).

4th of July on Carol's new pontoon boat!
4th of July on Carol’s new pontoon boat with Jenni and Caleb!
lounging on the boat
hanging out at the sand bar

Even Harley had a fun time on the new boat. She REALLY wanted to jump in the water but was too scared so her dad gave her a little, uh…I guess you could call it a helping hand? Despite the panic of being literally tossed overboard, once she was in the water she enjoyed swimming, and then went right back to her favorite activity, sunning herself on deck.

harley on the boat
harley getting her tan on

On the way home, she promptly fell asleep, as she always does. When Dan and I got home, we promptly fell asleep, too. All day in the sun = too tired to stay up for fireworks. We are officially old geezers.

Napping with daddy on the way home
Napping with daddy on the way home

Saturday was Jenni’s (first) baby shower. She has another one coming up right around my due date – so I made sure to attend this one, just in case! Of course I forgot to take pictures but there was a really cool jungle themed cake which I managed to steal a picture of off of Jenni’s Facebook.

Jenni's Baby Shower Cake
Jenni’s Baby Shower Cake – the whole thing is edible, even the animals!

After the shower I spent a lot of time walking and cleaning (obviously it did NOT help getting the baby out) and then when Dan came home from work we took a ride over to his aunt Karen’s new lake house on little sebago lake to spend some time with Dan’s cousin Ryan, his wife, and their two adorable kids. Dan particularly enjoyed hanging out with Ryder (10 months) because while he cried when almost anyone besides his mommy held him, he somehow did not cry with Dan. This was a great confidence booster for Dan after his most recent visit with Charlotte, who was not quite as happy with him.

Ryder enjoying a piggy back ride from uncle Dan
Ryder enjoying a piggy back ride from uncle Dan

Later that night we set off some fireworks and made s’mores by a bonfire. How festive! It was so much fun that I managed to stay up until 11pm, which is definitely some kind of record for this pregnancy.

Sitting by the fire
Sitting by the fire

On Sunday we capped off the weekend by taking another boat ride on big sebago with Dan’s cousin Joe and his girlfriend Erika (and their ADORABLE puppy Stanley). Stanley is only 10ish pounds so Harley wasn’t quite sure what to make of him, but watching her try to get him to play tug of war was definitely amusing.

This morning going back to work was definitely a bummer – but I’m trying to stay positive since I only have 2-3 Monday’s left before maternity leave! I also had my first “internal” exam at the doctor’s this morning, which was not as uncomfortable as I expected, but certainly not pleasant. About 1 second into the exam the midwife said “wow, there’s the head right there!” Apparently baby Mia has her head as far into my pelvis as it can get (sitting directly on the cervix) before it starts to come out, which would explain the sensation I feel pretty much constantly that can only be described as a bowling ball falling out from between your legs. The midwife also said I was about 60% effaced and just beginning to dilate – not quite a centimeter yet. All the other stats were good – and Mia was flailing around as usual during the exam. This kid already doesn’t sit still.

So, now we wait. And hope she comes out soon. Because I am tired. And I gained 2lbs this week (I guess eating ice cream for breakfast isn’t the best idea). And I’m ready to be done before I need to increase my weight gain goal AGAIN. *sigh*

Here’s this week’s chart:

How far along? 38 weeks

Total weight gain: 31 lbs (boooooooo)
Maternity clothes?  leggings and yoga pants
Stretch marks? ew
Sleep: no
Best moment this week: eating dairy queen for breakfast
Miss Anything? sleeping, walking normally
Movement: getting beat up as usual
Food cravings: vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope
Gender: It’s a girl!
Labor Signs: braxton hicks, cramping, pressure
Symptoms: nesting
Belly Button in or out? barely there
Wedding rings on or off? on, by some miracle my hands aren’t swelling yet (my ankles are another story)
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy, impatient
Looking forward to: meeting our little munchkin

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