40 Weeks

Well….it’s that time…the day I hoped I actually wouldn’t ever see. But alas, here we are at 40 weeks pregnant. Today is baby Mia’s due date.

40 weeks pregnant
40 weeks pregnant

As you can clearly see, she has decided not to make her appearance yet – to everyone’s dismay, mostly mine. I just keep telling myself it’s because she didn’t want to share her birthday, or have her birth overshadowed by the royal baby. So now that we got that over with, maybe she’s ready to make her move. It would also be fitting, I have to say, for her to come right on time – given Dan and my attitudes towards always being on time. Dan already told her she’s grounded if she doesn’t make it out before midnight.

As you can imagine, Dan and I spent pretty much the entire weekend doing everything possible to induce labor. We walked, bounced on the exercise ball, ate spicy(ish) foods (I think buffalo chicken counts as spicy), massaged pressure points, played mini golf, ate lots of ice cream….did some other stuff….

Lunch date at Rick's Cafe
Lunch date at Rick’s Cafe
Mini Golf (Just for the record...I won)
Mini Golf (Just for the record…I won)

And still…despite 5 hours of painful but inconsistent contractions on Saturday….no baby.

This weekend we also visited with my parents (mom is hanging around, waiting for baby’s arrival), celebrated my Grandpa’s 85th birthday, and attended Jenni’s second baby shower.

Grampie's 85th Birthday Family Picture
Grampie’s 85th Birthday Family Picture
Everyone trying to coax Mia to come out!
Everyone trying to coax Mia to come out!

We also finally hung up baby Mia’s wall letters. I’m very proud of these letters because the store-bought ones cost 18 dollars each, and instead of forking over the cash I spent 10 bucks at Joanne’s on some wooden letters and spray paint – and made Dan make them ūüôā Besides having to hang the “A” backwards because I messed up the front side…I think they came out pretty well!

Mia's wall letters
Mia’s wall letters

Also this morning I had another doctor’s appointment. We got an ultrasound to check fluid levels which are fine, and Mia’s estimated weight is about 7.5lbs. I also found out im 2-3cm dilated…and I got a membrane sweep (holy %^&** that hurts) so hopefully that will get things moving. And now we just keep sitting around and waiting. Fun times…

How far along? 40 weeks

Total weight gain: 32 lbs (boooooo)
Maternity clothes?  yoga pants and maxi skirts
Stretch marks? too many
Sleep: too little
Best moment this week: eating ice cream for every meal
Miss Anything? shopping for cute clothes
Movement: yes, and it still hurts!
Food cravings: ice cream
Anything making you queasy or sick: not too bad
Gender: It’s a girl!
Labor Signs: braxton hicks, contractions, cramping, pressure
Symptoms: nesting, still
Belly Button in or out? officially popped
Wedding rings on or off? took them off in anticipation of a trip to the hospital soon (one can hope, right?)
Happy or Moody most of the time: anxious
Looking forward to: touching my toes

2 thoughts on “40 Weeks

  1. Hannah Thanks for the news. The time is coming soon so try to get some sleep! Blessings, Nancy

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