Life is Good

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here. And that’s because I have a baby, who only takes 45 minute naps. And we bought a new house and sold this house and we’re moving and everything I need is in a box, on the bottom of a stack of 10 boxes. But its ok.

Mia in a Box
Mia in a Box

This morning I woke up at 615am to coos from my little (almost) 8 month old baby. Dan was already at work for the day, and Harley was snuggled at the bottom of the bed keeping my feet warm.

I got up, walked into Mia’s room and found her smiling and laughing to herself in her crib. I changed her diaper, nursed her, and then set her up in her play gym while I put on my running shoes.

sisters snuggling

I dragged my first baby, Harley, out of bed and got her on a leash. Set up our top of the line (and by top of the line I mean second hand at half price on craigslist) BOB jogging stroller and strapped Mia in. Then we left our warm, comfortable house and the three of us set out on a two mile run around the tree-lined neighborhood. During the run I thought about where I’m going to set up all of our furniture in the new, bigger house.

New House!
New House!

As I watched the sun rise over the neighbor’s farm I was reminded that I am the luckiest person alive.


love bug
love bug

Are there things I wish would be different? Of course. I wish Dan didn’t have to work on Saturdays. I wish it wasn’t so cold. I wish I was a better runner. That we had more money. That I read more books. That we could afford to hire movers.

But really, I am so lucky. I have everything I need and so much more. I have a perfect little family and a healthy, capable body and running on this average, normal, run-of-the-mill Saturday morning I am completely overcome with gratitude for this beautiful life.

I am so lucky. We are so lucky. Life is good.


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