Wine on a Wednesday

Yes, I know it’s Friday, not Wednesday. But Wine on a Friday doesn’t have the same ring, really. So, just go with it.

Today’s super random blog post is brought to you by my coworker Kim who drinks wine works from home every Friday while watching her 2 boys. And that doesn’t even include her husband.

She has many strategies for keeping them in line while she works, including placing fruit loops strategically around the house and sending them on a treasure hunt. Don’t judge until you’ve worked from home with with a husband. Or a baby for that matter. Desperate times, desperate measures.

Anyway Kim also happens to be a wine connoisseur. And by that I mean she routinely drinks during the day wine that doesn’t come in a box. Today she started drinking early had a few minutes to relax, and decided to come up with her own line of “Mommy Wine.” I told her I would conduct a focus group using my incredible blog followers (all 10 of you!) to determine which varietals get the most marketing dollars. So here we go…

The varietals are as follows:

Baby is Taking a Nap (Chardonnay)

It’s Noon on Friday (Pinot Grigio)

It’s 10pm on Wednesday (Malbec) Wine on a Wednesday! See, I knew I’d find a tie-in for the headline…

Baby Just Finished Nursing (Whiskey)

I’m Making 3 Different Dinners Tonight (Zinfandel)

Carpets are a Bad Idea (Port)

Damn, I’m All Out of Wine (Cough Syrup)

And finally, my personal favorite: This Is What My NEW $10,000 Bathroom STILL Looks Like (Beer)

Bathroom Remodel (2 Weeks In)
Bathroom Remodel (2 Weeks In)

So now it’s time to submit your votes (or ideas*) for additional varietals. Ready? Go!

Babywearing is for freeing up a beer hand
Babywearing is for freeing up a beer hand

*All ideas are the intellectual property of Hannah and Kim and if we make a zillion dollars on your idea you are entitled to nothing. Don’t worry, this is a standard intellectual property agreement.

Also – you should read this ThoughtCatalog article because it’s pretty funny. Why does someone always beat me to the punch?!

25 Drinks And What They Should Actually Be Called

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