Under Construction

It’s been about fifteen and a half seconds since we finished remodeling the upstairs bathroom in our new house, so naturally we’ve already found another project that requires ripping up floors and tearing down walls.

photo 5

I’ve come to the realization that we are going to be living “under construction” for the next 20 years rest of our adult lives.

I’m mostly excited that sometime in the foreseeable future we will have a much more beautiful downstairs bathroom, but I’m also a little bit dreading the angst that an OCD person such as myself endures during the process of picking out tile, paint colors, vanities, countertops, toilets, etc. During the first bathroom remodel I changed my mind about the vanity no less than 3 times, ordered two different countertops, visited 6 tile stores and returned 3 full orders of accent tile. I spent 4+ hours selecting a vanity light, and then returned it – and spent over $100 on soap dispensers and toothpaste holders that have yet to be used. I have a serious love/hate relationship with remodeling.

Before and After of the Upstairs Bathroom
Before and After of the Upstairs Bathroom

Anyway…the reality is that Dan has already torn up the floor of the downstairs bathroom which means we are DOING THIS. So below is my first go at an inspiration board for the new look. And if you don’t like the vanity or granite top, you can keep to yourself because those items are already purchased. Dan learned his lesson last time and is not letting me think for very long about my choices. Because thinking leads to mind changing and mind changing leads to angst and angst leads to Hannah being a total bitch to Dan for weeks at a time. Also, this time around I’ve been told I’m not allowed to return things. OMG THE PRESSURE.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 11.32.51 AM

On another note – we are doing this entire remodel on a $1500 budget. So we are being thrifty thrifty thrifty. I know you all think I’m crazy but as much as I like to spend money, I also like a challenge. So here we go… I’m determined to prove that a budget bathroom can still look beautiful. Or at least be functional. Or at least look better than this:

What it looked like when we moved in. Ya...I know.
What it looked like when we moved in.

So….think we can do it?

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