The Beach in Fall

My love affair with Maine began at 2 years old, the first summer my parents rented a cottage at Higgins Beach. I was the ultimate beach babe – with sand in my hair and my sandwich and a bucket full of starfish. It only makes sense that 17 years later I would meet my future husband, at that same beach. And 5 years after that, marry him under an alter just across the river.

A year after that, there was Mia. And lazy days at the beach took a back seat to nap time and diaper changes and fragmented sleep.

Today Dan came home from work and asked if Mia and I wanted to go for a walk. We hopped in the car, grabbed the pup and drove out to Cousins Island. Mia had been to the beach a few times this summer, but there’s something about the beach in fall that makes the salt air taste even sweeter.

They say if you’re lucky enough to live by the ocean, you’re lucky enough. Whoever “they” are. They’re right.

Today, my heart is full.

IMG_6342 IMG_6327 IMG_6324 IMG_6332 IMG_6341 IMG_6359 IMG_6340 IMG_6358

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