What to Get Kids for Christmas (Part 2 – The Fashion Edition)

Wanna know the best thing about having kids? Dressing them up. I know I’m supposed to say rocking them to sleep, or slobbery open mouth kisses or tiny little voices that say “I wuv yous.” But, c’mon. Can you even handle this?!!

Quilted Barn Jacket from Gap
Moto Jacket from Target and Moccasins from Freshly Picked
Faux Fur Vest from Old Navy (Sold Out – similar from Target)

Since Mia was born I’ve been obsessed with dressing her in stylish baby clothes – pretty much all the clothes I wish I could pull off myself but look way cuter on her. I know there’s going to come a day when she will demand a Frozen t-shirt or worse (gasp) a Dora the Explorer backpack…but until then I’m going to cherish every adorable outfit and Instagram the shit out of them.


So if you have a little fashionista on your Christmas list this year, put down the Frozen gear, just say no to Dora, and instead pick up one of these trendy Christmas clothing gifts curated by the most discerning baby clothes buyers since Rachel Zoe and Kanye West. (If you don’t know who those people or their kids are, good for you.)

So without further ado, a gift guide for the ladies curated by yours truly, and one for the gents as well, curated by my friend, coworker and stylish baby-boy mama Traci.

Traci’s adorable son, Mr. Mason

To find any item online, click on the name of the item in the caption.

#BabyStyle for Girls 

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 3.35.55 PM
1. Hello Apparel Buffalo Plaid Sweatshirt 2. Old Navy Cozy White Vest 3. Gray Tribal Leggings 4. Freshly Picked Weathered Brown Moccasins 5. Target Faux Fur Vest 6. Old Navy Fair Isle Pajamas 7. Gap Pom Pom Hat (Sold Out, Similar HERE) 8. J Crew Gold Foil Heart Onesie 9. Black and Gold Knot Headbands

#BabyStyle for Boys

1. H&M Scarf Bibs 2. H&M Plaid Button Down 3. Gap Checkered Sneakers 4. Gap Gold Puffer Vest 5. H&M Gray Sweats 6. Gap Pom Pom Stripe Hat 7. H&M Cotton Sweater 8. H&M Stretch Jeans 9. Gap Pajamas 10. Toms Tiny Burlap Bimini Shoes

And since things sell out and turn over SO quickly in today’s retail market, you’re probably going to have to stray from these gift guides. So I’ve added a couple of my favorite “Rules to Shop By” below as you venture out on your own into the world of baby clothes shopping. Just make sure you hold onto your wallet – because once you start…well, you know.

Hannah’s Baby Clothing “Rules to Shop By”

1. If it has a Disney character, a logo or pretty much anything screen printed, put it back.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 3.15.45 PM

2. If it would look stupid on an otherwise fashionable adult, then don’t buy it for a fashionable kid.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.14.30 PM

3. If it costs more than $100, or is dry clean only, just say no. As cute as little munchkins look in cashmere sweaters, it’s just not worth the pain of throwing it away one snack-time later, coated in yogurt.


So what do you think? What are your favorite kids clothing items this season?

2 thoughts on “What to Get Kids for Christmas (Part 2 – The Fashion Edition)

  1. Great post – love all those clothes! My boy pretty much lives in a onesie as we live in Thailand, but we are heading back to the UK for Xmas so l am excited to dress him 🙂 Loving the H& M joggers!

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