I’m Two

If you ask Mia how old she’s turning next week she says “I’m Two!” That is, unless you’re in public or any situation where anybody besides mommy can hear her – in which case she’s as tight lipped as Bill Cosby is about his “personal life.”

Fourth of July Style

I guess that’s how it goes with two year olds, though. They won’t shut up until you want them to talk and then they run behind your legs and stick their head up your ass and whine “mommyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

Anyway the moral of the story is that Mia is about to turn two and how the hell do I have a two year old?!

Fourth of July Style

I know everyone says that. And then they say, “wow, time really flies!” But in reality time does not fly. Not for moms anyway. It moves painfully slowly. Especially when you’re on a treadmill or awake at 2am with a toddler that had a “hyper” reaction to Tylenol.

(That’ll teach you not to medicate your child to sleep)

What happens is that all of a sudden your kid turns two and you haven’t slept in so long that all the days and nights blend together and it FEELS like time flew by but really it’s just the sleep deprivation talking.

So in order to properly celebrate Mia’s birthday I’ve been trying to teach her the birthday song. So far she sings “happy day, happy day, happy dear!” And other times she changes the lyrics to “happy Harley, happy Harley” which she finds incredibly hysterical.

Beach Day

The truth is, she is pretty hysterical. She’s amazing actually. She’s really, really stubborn and loud and whiny but when I see the fierce focus and determination in her eyes as she turns on the fire hose at the local Touch a Truck event, or the pure, absolute joy and excitement as I place a hermit crab in her palm at the beach – I feel overcome with pride that she is my daughter. That Dan and I created such a loving, inquisitive, strong-willed and powerful little person.

Future Firefighter

She is not easy. Actually, I would say she’s on the difficult “spirited” end of the toddler spectrum.

But holy hell she is worth it.

To my not-so-little-anymore Mia,

I can’t believe you’ve been here on Earth for two whole years. It feels like just yesterday they laid you across my chest and my heart filled with wonder as to who you would become. 

It feels like just last night that I held you in the crook of my arm and breathed in your sweet milky smell as you nuzzled my chest and drifted off to sleep. 

It feels like just this morning you screamed bloody murder when I tried to give you your milk in the wrong color cup.

Oh wait – that was this morning. 

You have never been a typical happy-go-lucky, smiley baby little Mia. You are serious and strategic. Opinionated and oppositional. Deliberate and determined.

You are ballsy, unbridled and especially smart. Attention-seeking and hysterical, but shy at first. 

Oh, my little Mia, you’re just like I was. And even though you drive me absolutely nuts – you make so, incredibly, unbelievably proud.

You are fierce, little girl. And it’s your greatest asset. Don’t ever let anyone put out your fire.

Motorcycle Chick

Love you more than the sun is far away.

Love, Mommy.

Happy second year of life, Mia! Here’s a look at how far you’ve come.



2 thoughts on “I’m Two

  1. She is so adorable. Love your honesty with verbalizing who she is. My daughter is almost three and I want to write a similar post that sums up who I think she is and just how much I love her.

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