Mia Does Gymnastics and I Got Pregnant

I feel like a lot has happened since I wrote my last post but I can’t remember any of it because all I can think about is Mia’s first gymnastics class and how I’ve never seen her so excited about anything in her entire life. Including bouncy houses. Including goats. Including…even marshmallows.

Mia Before Gymnastics Class

I don’t have any pictures of Mia’s first gymnastics class (besides this pre-class outfit snap, notice the new sneaks) because I was trying to not look like an ass who’s kid falls off the balance beam while they’re trying to Instagram it be present in the moment with Mia. BUT I will say, there were a couple of moms who did have their phones flashing the entire time and “Coach Paul” gave them a look that made me feel very proud of myself for leaving my cell phone in the locker room.

So let me just preface this by saying that gymnastics classes at Maine Academy of Gymnastics (nothing but the best for Miss Mia) cost $17/class + a $35 registration fee per year. This is for a class of 1-3 year olds. By my standards, that is very expensive. It’s literally half the cost of an entire day of daycare – for a 1 hour class. So I was pretty nervous that we would get there and it would be a 16-year-old high school kid teaching toddlers how to touch their toes (ahem – swim classes).

To my very pleasant surprise, that was not the case. Coach Paul was a full grown (for a gymnast) adult and appeared to be a highly capable athlete. He was also a surprisingly skilled toddler-wrangler.

If you’re wondering what I mean, try getting a group of ten 1-3 year old kids to sit in a circle and stretch together while surrounded by an entire gym full of climbing, bouncing and swinging apparatuses – and you will understand the struggle.

During the stretch, Coach Paul was able to convince the majority of the toddlers to touch their toes, perform a sit up and do a full backbend. Not kidding.

Next up was a forward and backward somersault, followed by a mat-supported headstand.

At one point during the “floor exercises” one of the other dads (who appeared to be a former gymnast or other type of athlete) asked if this was Mia’s first class. I said yes and he remarked, “wow, she’s really impressive.”

Ok. Just stop for a second.

I want to make it clear that it is my ultimate goal in life to NEVER be the parent who lives out their own athletic inadequacies through their kids. I’ve watched Dance Moms (ok, I’ve watched like 5 seasons of Dance Moms) and every fiber of my being wants to string each and every one of those deplorable mothers up from the ballet bar by their Spanx.

The Dance Moms
The Dance Moms


A crazy thing happens when you see your kid excel at (or even just participate in) sports (or anything competitive for that matter) for the first time. It’s like a crazy demon takes over your body and you start thinking about whether or not you could convert the basement into a personal gym and I’m pretty sure she could point her toes a little harder if I gave her a sticker and how long did that other girl hold onto the rings because I’m pretty sure Mia was on there at least a full second longer…

And then hopefully you snap out of it in time to find your kid eating their boogers over by the water cooler.

The struggle is real though. To not become a psycho-mom when your kid starts playing sports.

Sorry Mia, in advance.

Anyway Mia absolutely loved the entire class. Coach Paul was so great about letting them dive right in and not “babying them” with stupid toe touches and rolling on the floor. They went on the bars, the beam, the trampoline and the rings. They even chalked their hands and practiced swinging and re-gripping the bar and dismounting backwards.

When we got home I tried to get Mia to practice on the swing set and she said, “Mom I need chalk though.” Such a diva.

Next week Yaya is coming to class with us which is great because it means I’ll be able to take photos she can experience the awesomeness that is Mia during a gymnastics class and maybe even buy her a leotard. For a 2 year old. I know. DONT JUDGE.

In other news, I got pregnant. Which, I know for most of you is not news but there’s always a couple Internet stragglers who missed the announcement. Seriously, though, even though I was pregnant before I was still squeezing into my skinny jeans and gloating about how I lost 3 pounds in the first 4 months. Fast forward to this week and I’ve gained 3 pounds and gone from wearing my regular skinny jeans (on a good day) to taking off my yoga pants as soon as I get home so I can “be more comfortable.”

Bring on the maternity shirts and skinny belts (in case you’re wondering, skinny belts are used to define a “bump” so that it’s obvious you’re pregnant and not just rocking a post-college beer gut). I would post a photo except I don’t have one because apparently I don’t take photos anymore.

See mom – I’m being more connected to Mia and less connected to technology. #ThatsALie #ImTryingThough

Anyway, here’s the 17 week update, and also some pictures from the cult recruitment marketing conference I went to last week.


This is a marketing conference. No, for real though.
This is a marketing conference. No, for real though.


Dear Hubspot, love you but get over yourself. #truethat
Dear Hubspot, love you but get over yourself. #truethat


Best insight from the conference right here.
Best insight from the conference right here.


Missed these two while I was gone!
Missed these two while I was gone!


17 Weeks Pregnant

How far along? 17 weeks

Total weight gain: I gained 3 pounds in a week. So…there’s that.
Maternity clothes? Yes please
Sleep: Better except for Mia reverting to her 5am wakeup time
Best moment this week: Sleeping in my own bed after 3 nights in a hotel
Miss Anything? energy, margaritas
Movement: Yes! Feeling those first little kicks and even though pregnancy sucks, that part is fun.
Food cravings: Coffee (more like a necessity than a craving) and apple crisp. #lovefall
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not so much anymore (hurray!) but the acid reflux is back in full force :/
Gender: 2 more weeks! Mia says it’s a boy, but she also says she sleeps with her pet tiger, so I guess we’ll wait for the ultrasound tech.
Labor Signs: Nada – but lots of stretching and the crazy pains that come with it.
Symptoms: Just tired + acid reflux.
Belly Button in or out? In, for now.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Tired.
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender in 2 weeks.


P.S. If you haven’t seen Mia’s soulful rendition of “Wheels on the Bus,” you should. 

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Next stop: The Voice. #wheelsonthebus

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