Shop Small – Spring Edition

If you know me, you know that I could care less about my clothes. My standard “uniform” consists of jeans and some kind of drape-y shirt. Although these days it’s more like yoga pants (that have never been to yoga) and a pajama tee, sans bra. Sometimes I also wear the baby ūüėČ

Wrap by SollyBaby

But my kids – well, that’s a different story. They look good in everything, including thigh rolls. Which makes them incredibly fun to dress.

Headband by June and January, Moccasins by Freshly Picked

I buy (and am gifted) a lot of their clothes from Old Navy, which is by far my favorite low-cost kids clothing retailer. The vast majority of the stuff they sell doesn’t¬†have logos or cartoons on them, which is my baseline style requirement. Recently I’ve had to make some exceptions for Mia, though, due to an ongoing obsession with Paw Patrol. So far we’ve managed to keep the Paw Patrol gear to undies and PJs. It’s a slippery slope, I know.

But while Old Navy is my go-to for everyday gear, my absolute favorite clothing and accessories come from small, mostly mom-owned online shops. The obsession started with a pair of $60 gold moccasins I bought for Mia a year or so ago. They were by a brand called Freshly Picked Рa company started by a young mom trying to make a little extra cash out of scrap leather, who now runs a multimillion dollar moccasin business.

Mia Cleaning
Headband by June and January, Moccasins by Freshly Picked

From there I was introduced to dozens of other mom-preneurs across the country¬†who somehow find a way to raise kids, run their own businesses and sew headbands all at the same time. While the prices are higher, so is the quality…and the style is top notch.

Headband by Snugars, Shoes by SassyTotBoutique

Because money is short and diapers are expensive, there’s not much cash leftover in our household for expensive clothes that the kids will grow out of in months (if not weeks), so I typically can only buy 1-2 small shop items per season. But I’m constantly coveting them and pinning them to my various Pinterest wish lists. Check them out here (Mia’s wish list) and here (Lucy’s wish list).

I also like to make seasonal style boards of my favorite items…you know, for when we win the Powerball ūüėČ

Items and prices below.
                                                             Items and prices below.

So if you’re looking for that perfect piece for spring, shopping for a baby shower gift, or regularly spend $20-$50 per item on your kids clothes – check it out! Your kiddos will be “on fleek” (that’s what the cool kids call it, right?) AND you’ll be supporting a¬†fellow mom providing for her family. Can’t beat that!

  1. Champagne Leather Bow Clip by Willow Crowns ($12)
  2. Teal Romper by Remie and Co. 
  3. Black and Gold Tribal Bloomers by GraceAndAmeliaCo. ($20)
  4. Marie Boho Wrap by Wild Sunshine Threads ($15)
  5. Striped Romper by Remie and Co. 
  6. Desert Boots by Ulla + Viggo ($27.26)
  7. Wynter Teething Necklace by Glitter and Spice ($19.50)
  8. Heather Rose Legwarmers by Snugars (($40)
  9. Pretty Young Thing Tee by Tribe is Alive ($24)
  10. Gusset Pants by Childhoods Clothing ($32)
  11. Leather Ponytail Holders by QueCuteAccessories ($7.99)

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