A Very Fairy Birthday [plus a VIDEO]

I’m the least crafty person I know. Seriously, someone asked me if I made these adorable floral crowns the girls were wearing at Mia’s party and I just laughed because, not if my life depended on it. But when it comes to birthday parties I get really into it.

My mom always threw really crafty, over-the-top themed parties for me and whether it’s the Jewish guilt or just a genetic inheritance, the inclination to go all out for birthday parties seems to have stuck with me.

This year Mia asked for a puppy party, then a rainbow party, then finally – a glitter fairy party. There were a number of other themes that came after that as well, but I’d already ordered fairy house supplies on Amazon so the deal was done. Fairies it was.

We ate toadstool cupcakes and built fairy houses and the kids were PSYCHED to learn that the fairies came to visit while they were busy swimming and left behind some beautiful fairy dust and magic necklaces.

Yaya of course stole the show with all of her preschool teacher magic and I ran around picking up cups and pulling glitter out of my eyebrows. It was a perfect day, for a perfectly imperfect 4-year-old wild child who has taught me, if nothing else, what goes around comes around šŸ˜‰

Happy birthday Mia Rose! We love you more than the sun is far away…

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