Shackin’ Up: Mia and Lucy’s Bedroom Makeover

Six months ago, at Lucy’s one year checkup, our pediatrician told me I should move the girls into the same room. I looked at her, tired and incredulous, and asked if she was joking.

The princess and the pup.

She laughed, knowingly, and told me all parents tell her she’s crazy but that if we already weren’t getting any sleep what did we have to lose?

Fair enough.

About a month later, after the 1000th 2am argument about whether or not it was normal to get up twice in a night with a 1 year old, we moved the Pack ‘n Play into Mia’s room. Lucy protested for 5 or 10 minutes, followed by Mia getting out of her bed, climbing into Lucy’s Pack ‘n Play, stroking her back and telling her, “it’s ok LuLu, just go to sleep, I’m here with you.”

Heart = melted.

And then they slept all night.

Seriously I want to call our pediatrician and hug her, but I’m worried it will be subject to deductible.

Anyway the next step was to move the crib into Mia’s room which proved somewhat difficult considering the size of the room.


And also the hideous decor which was pretty much a result of us accepting any and all hand-me-downs and filling in the rest with plastic drawers from Target. #stylin

So I decided it was time for bunk beds. Except that bunk beds cost like $800+ which is one of those annoying surprise parenting costs that nobody warns you about when you’re making a spreadsheet to calculate the monthly cost of diapers.

So I did what any broke millennial parent would do – I went to Ikea.

And predictably, that led to entire room makeover including paint, pictures frames, a new rug, bookshelf, twinkle lights and 127 hours of furniture assembly.

Total cost = approximately $500.

Mia’s reaction = priceless.

Dan’s reaction = you owe me.

So without further ado…the after 🙂


3 thoughts on “Shackin’ Up: Mia and Lucy’s Bedroom Makeover

  1. Love the room makeover! I found the bunk bed on ikea’s website but it has white panels, did you cover the panels in the floral? If so what did you use?

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