Happy Birthday Lucy

Today is Lucy’s 2nd birthday. Or – the day after it. Or something like that. Her actual birthday is out there somewhere in the ether – between midnight on February 28th and the first moments of March 1st. My little leap day baby. Officially half way to her first actual birthday.

But despite everyone’s calendar skipping over her actual birth date, my little Lucy bear is officially two today and boy is she acting like it. The terrible two’s have come on strong and my sweet little snuggle bunny has blossomed into a temperamental, emotional, stubborn and unsurprisingly strong-willed little two-nager. Mia even seems to be getting frustrated with some of her antics (particularly at bedtime since they share a room) – but seems amused by my reminders that she, too, was once a little two-year-old terror.

“It’s ok Lucy – I cried at bedtime, too, and Mommy still let me sleep in the house.”

Not sure if I should be amused or ashamed by Mia’s astute recollection of my empty bedtime threats.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my first go-round with the terrible twos it’s that a toddler never forgets. Anything.

So Lucy, my love, remember this:

I love you more than the sun is far away. Even when you’re screaming and I’m crying and nobody is sleeping. As soon as I shut your bedroom door I miss you and my arms ache to hold you.

Even when I yell too much and listen too little, my heart is bursting with love for you.

Your sweet, mischievous smile.

Your beautiful round belly.

Your rockstar dance moves…

…and love of art, music, and books.

You are curious and smart, love puzzles and towers (especially knocking them down), and are a lover of baby dolls and blankies.

The fact that the one blankie you can’t live without is the one (and only) blankie we own that has your sister’s name embroidered on it makes me roll my eyes and laugh and love you 100 times more.

You love your sister more than anything. And when she holds your hand in the parking lot, or wraps you in her arms after I scold you my heart swells with love for you both. It almost makes me forget whatever it was that you did upset me.


I can’t wait to see everything that you become. Here’s to another trip around the sun.


Love, Mommy

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lucy

  1. Happy birthday Lucy !!! Please come to California someday so your aging great grandfather can hold you closely and get to know you 💘

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