Mia started Kindergarten today.

It’s the day she’s been waiting for, for years. Watching the bus go by from our living room window and asking me how many more days until she gets to ride it.

It always felt like a someday, not a real day.

But today’s the day. And my baby girl, the one I rocked for hours in a charcoal gray glider, who I potty trained naked in our back yard, the little girl who still calls me mommy and needs her back rubbed before bed – she got on that bus, alone, heading off into the world without me.

And as that bus pulled away and I stood there in the middle of the driveway in a puddle of tears it wasn’t because I was sad or scared or feeling the sting of my baby girl growing up.

I cried because I was so damn proud of her. My fearless, determined little lion cub.


As the bus pulled up she got quiet, and grabbed my hand. I saw the hesitation in her eyes and I kissed her cheek and let go of her hand.

And once those doors opened she boarded that bus full of confidence, fire and focus – ready to take on the world.

Not a tear, not a tantrum, not a glance over her shoulder to say goodbye.

And damnit you guys – I always talk about what a shit mother I am but for just this once I’m going to not-so-humble brag – she got that determination from me.

So Go get ‘em Mia Rose. Time for all that “spirited child” shit to pay off.

“You is smart. You is kind. You is important.”

And don’t you ever forget a single one.

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