This Girl is On Fire

She’s six years old this morning.

Technically tonight, 19 hours of labor later.

The moment before I brought Mia into the world I remember the doctor looking into my panicked eyes and telling me, this is the ring of fire. It means she’s almost here.

What it actually meant was that my body was literally ripping open to let her come out – but you know, semantics.

Looking back it feels pretty fitting that Mia was born from a “ring of Fire.” She’s a Leo, the lion sign – and she has always lived her life as close to the edge, to the flame, as possible.

She pushes everyone else there, too 😉

Today we celebrate her sixth time around the sun.

Her love of adventure.

Her shy, cautious nature.

Her loud, stubborn spirit.

Her strength.


…and style.

These past six years of motherhood have been HARD.

I was only 25 when Mia was born and I was not ready. If that’s even a thing.

But in a sense, Mia and I have grown up together. Year in and year out we have learned from each other. Leaned on each other.

We are constantly reminded to forgive each other.

And when I look at her today I feel so much pride. For everything she’s done. Everything we’ve overcome. For everything that’s still to come.

She is worth every struggle. And every sacrifice.

This girl is on fire.


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