3-Year-Olds are Assholes…and Other Unfortunate Realities of Parenthood

Three-year-olds are horrible. And by three, I really mean like, two to four. I'm hoping it ends by four. I guess I don't really know. Some of my coworkers tell me that not all three-year-olds are assholes. Which I guess I believe because there are definitely some parents who have these angelic first-children and think [...]

Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts – An Overtired Mom’s Pointless Observations

In my 10 years as a coffee drinker I have learned that there are three types of people in the world. People who drink Dunkin' Donuts, people who drink Starbucks, and people who don't have young kids. I know this because people who have young kids: 1. need coffee on approximately the same level as they need [...]

10 Ridiculous Things Parents Will Do to for a Few Minutes of Sleep

This past week parenting publications everywhere commenced a full-on freak out about the new Lulla doll, and the fact that incredibly overtired parents everywhere were willing to shell out $100+ bucks for it. I'm still not quite sure why this is news, considering American Girl Dolls cost like $150 million dollars (not including clothes), and those have [...]