Buying a Used Car and other Causes of Divorce

When you decide to have a second kid, you (hopefully) think through the obvious expenses involved. Maternity leave (10 weeks at about $4000), hospital bills (baby #1 was $8,000 out of pocket), daycare ($300/month for 2 days a week), diapers ($100 a month), wine ($5 a box) - catching puke with your bare hands (priceless). Sorry, I [...]

Spring #ToddlerStyle + How to Curb a Shopping Addiction

Two posts in two days - what the what?!! I know. Crazy. There must be some kind of special moon or something going on because I've been wayyyyy more productive than normal today. On a typical Wednesday (my work from home day) I am pleased with myself if I shower, feed Mia cold dinner leftovers, and [...]