On Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding and Buying my First Can of Formula

I'm not exactly sure why breastfeeding matters so much to me. My knee jerk reaction is that my mom breastfed me, and because when it comes to motherhood I aspire to be as much like her as I canĀ - naturally I wanted to breastfeed, too. But then I found out she only breastfed me for [...]

The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful of Breastfeeding

It's World Breastfeeding Week and once again I have a little nursling who wakes me every few hours at night, and who reminds me to sit down every few hours during the day and just be. She's my last and it makes me nostalgic just to think about life after she weans. Free-er but farther [...]

The Best Awful Thing I’ve Ever Done for My Baby

Last week a friend of mine who works for The Immunization Partnership asked if I would be interested in writing a post for their blog, MOMmunizations. I happily agreed, because despite my general distaste for for drugs - especially for kids, vaccinations are something I believe very strongly in. Now, I am no doctor, and [...]

Breast is Best…except when it’s not

When you have a baby these days, particularly if you live in Portland, Maine (or any other "progressive" city) you are overwhelmingly pressured into breastfeeding. And don't get me wrong - it's great that breastfeeding is now the recommended way to feed baby, and that doctors and parents alike are beginning (or continuing) to realize [...]