Lucy’s (New) Nursery

My little lovebug is sick today, simultaneously breaking my heart and at the same time filling it up with all kinds of snuggles. While the munchkin sleeps (and before I catch whatever it is she has) I'm catching up on email and also finally getting around to taking some photos of Lucy's (not-really-new) nursery and putting together [...]

Downstairs Bathroom Reveal

The day has finally come. It took 5 long weeks, untold hours of bickering, and about 75 million trips to Lowes, but our downstairs bathroom is finally DONE! Dan did the entire thing himself (except a little bit of plumbing) - from tearing down the walls, to hanging drywall, laying tile, painting, repainting, grouting, nailing, [...]

A “MYHDI” Headboard, and Other Fun Crafts

I'm the least crafty person I've ever met. Seriously. Not only do I NOT have the patience for crafting, but I also hate getting dirty, using paint or glue, kneeling on the floor, going to the craft store, waiting for things to dry (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish FTW) and picking up paper/fabric/glitter off the [...]