My family has a LONG standing tradition of making and scrutinizing each other’s New Years Resolutions. Back when we were kids it was done over a table filled with greasy Chinese Food. My Aunt Annie was the record keeper, carefully reading back the old, and writing down the new resolutions with exact wording (the details are critical when it comes to scoring) and my Uncle Chris was the unofficial judge, mediating disputes over whether “shower regularly” or “try to think about losing weight” were valid resolutions – and whether or not it “counts” if you resolved to lose 5lbs and did it in January but then gained it back in December.


As the years went on we got better and better at manipulating the wording to work to our advantage. Half credit was introduced, and a percentage scoring system was implemented to allow overachievers to make more than 3 resolutions. As we grew up and spread out, the system went digital and scoring and record keeping now exist in a Google Doc, which is staring at me blankly this afternoon as I consider what I want to accomplish in 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 2.55.09 PM
My 2014 Resolutions


Social media is a-flurry with suggestions right now – like 52 weeks to a spotless home, or 12 months of green smoothies. And as I click through these thousands of resolution ideas, it becomes quite apparent just how incredibly deficient I am as a mother/wife/homeowner/human.

For example:

My house is not clean.

My food is not organic (or particularly healthy).

My finances are far from secure.

My weight is far from ideal.

My toddler eats donuts. For breakfast.

My iPhone is glued to my hand 24/7.

I haven’t read a book in over a year.

I swear frequently, often in front of my child.

And… I’m not resolving to change any of those things. Because I don’t really freakin’ care. I mean, of course I care. And of course I wish I would lose 25 pounds, and stop swearing and stop yelling and stop eating donuts. But…not enough to actually do it. And making a resolution about it won’t change anything. I know that sounds kind of horrible and depressing but it’s the truth.


You see, for me, resolutions are not a promise to make some amazing change, they’re just a confirmation of things I’m planning on doing anyway. Like:

1. Losing any amount of weight at all, period. (Thanks to the Norovirus this one is already a CHECK!)

2. Getting better at operating the wood stoves (Since I will freeze otherwise, this is an easy one to get motivated for)

3. Cleaning out my personal email inbox (I’m all about the type of cleaning that can be done from my bed, on my iPhone)

4. Run a race longer than 5k (Already signed up for a 4miler this spring – ha!)

5. Spend more time giving Mia my undivided attention (This one will be the hardest but it’s something I actually care about so hopefully I’ll do it.)

I know most of you (especially my family that is also participating in the annual resolution challenge) are thinking – “That’s cheating!” Because most people think the point of resolutions is to aspire to be better than you were the previous year.

But…I don’t think so. For me, the point is to give myself credit for the good things I accomplished in 2014, and the things I’m planning for 2015. Even the little things like getting my Christmas cards out on time, and unsubscribing from 1567 email newsletters.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.13.07 AM

I don’t need another reminder of things I suck at, like keeping my house clean or eating more vegetables. My Pinterest feed does an excellent job of that already.

So cheers to me for being good at least some things in 2014. If I can say the same for 2015, it will be a success.

And for those of you rolling your eyes and whispering “cheater” under your breath… I’m not setting the bar low, I’m setting the bar within reach. I can’t help the fact that I’m so short.






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