Oh Boy – Another Egg!

Last weekend we celebrated Easter (instead of Passover) because hunting for candy-filled eggs is a lot more fun than counting plagues and eating parsley (#WorstJewEver). I promised myself that when Mia is old enough to understand we’ll host a Passover seder and teach her about her Jewish heritage…but for now she is all about bunnies and candy. Shocking, I know.


In all seriousness, though, Easter was probably the most fun holiday we’ve celebrated with Mia yet because she’s finally old enough to understand what’s going on, and to get really REALLY excited about everything, including finding the empty eggs we re-hid for the 8th time.

Every time she found one she would yell “Oh boy, another egg!” which is pretty much the cutest thing ever and also I think qualifies as her first full sentence. (Can you say ‘proud mama?’)


We started out the festivities with a trip to Atlantic Heights Retirement Community in Saco, where Mia paid a visit to her great grandparents. She refused her morning nap and was in a sour mood when we arrived, but it was nothing a couple of peeps couldn’t fix. After fueling up on sugar, she forged on through a massive easter egg hunt put on by her Yaya the Easter Bunny.

Dress from Gap, Moccasins from Freshly Picked
Dress from Gap, Moccasins from Freshly Picked

The Easter Bunny must know Mia really well, because all the eggs were filled popcorn, instead of jelly beans. SCORE!


The next day Mia woke up to a basket full of jelly beans (“beans! beans!”) and a swing, hanging from the playroom ceiling. She pretty much lost her shit when she saw it, but refused to “goin-it” without bringing along her buddy George.



Swing from Ikea
Swing from Ikea


Since we didn’t quite get enough sugar the day before, Daddy decided to make homemade doughnuts for breakfast. It’s definitely one of the perks of being married to a chef. And also one of the reasons why I still haven’t lost all of the babyweight.


After doughnuts, he set to work on quiches – and I made a french toast casserole. Pair that with a spiral ham, fruit salad, yogurt and mimosas – and you have a totally delicious, calorie-free brunch. LOL. Mia and Dylan decided to get all decked out for the occasion, which provided endless entertainment for the adults. They are seriously the cutest baby old-couple in the world.

Hat from Gap
Straw Hat from Gap

As the day went on, the sun actually came out (a big improvement over the snow flurries we got in the morning. Yes, snow flurries, on Easter. As in April. FML.) so we headed to the front yard for another easter egg hunt. Mia and Dylan were both pros by this point, so it only last about 5 minutes but both kids were totally psyched to discover all the yummies inside their eggs – dried cranberries, popcorn, bunny crackers and one marshmellow egg each. Mia ate the marshmellows and discarded the rest. The girl knows what she wants, okay?





We ended the afternoon with a nice walk around the neighborhood, during which Mia demanded she be able to hold Harley’s leash. Even though I knew it would never end well, I had to let her at least try for the sake of this adorable photo. Seriously. Love.


From there on out it was couch-sitting, napping and watching golf – and as I sat on the couch next to my snoring husband, listening to my giggling, sugar-high toddler, and surrounded by both sides of my family, I thought man, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Seriously though, I am so lucky.




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