Stretchmarks (and a baby shower!)

I knew this day would come but a little part of me was holding out that maybe it wouldn’t. Alas – it came anyway. I found a stretchmark on my stomach. I thought for sure I would get stretchmarks on my sides (maybe I still will, who knows), but instead they are cropping up underneath and around my belly button. Bye bye bikinis 😦

I guess I can’t really act surprised though, since I’ve gained 25+ pounds and my stomach looks like this: (kind of hard to avoid stretch marks when your stomach is this stretched….)

35 weeks - stretched to the MAX
35 weeks – stretched to the MAX (or so it feels)

Despite my stretchmark distress, this week was still a good one because Dan and I traveled to MA for my baby shower! My mom and my aunt Janet hosted it and they did such a great job it was so much fun! Dan and I drove to MA Friday night and we went to the Taste of Amherst for dinner. It was so weird to be back in Amherst – I haven’t been home in almost a year! The next morning I got up and walked across the street to my neighbor’s massage studio for a prenatal massage (a shower gift from my cousin Kelley) and it was SO nice. Then I  came home, totally relaxed, and got ready for the shower. While the girls hung out and talked baby stuff, Dan and my dad and some of the guys went golfing. Meanwhile my mom and my aunt filled the house with delicious food – and almost 30 people showed up to shower us with love and encouragement. I was so touched by all the people that came out – especially those that drove from really far away. We also got some great gifts and baby Richards’ nursery is now overflowing with cute clothes, books, blankets and toys (updated nursery pictures to come soon after our second shower in Maine this Sunday).

Another wonderful part of the shower was the necklace that everyone made for me by selecting glass beads and blessing them with love and strength. The beads were then strung into a necklace that I can bring with me to the hospital when I go into labor and use all the strength and love people put into it. I know some people probably think it’s silly but I love it! Such a sweet idea. Thank you everyone so much!!!!

Of course I was so overwhelmed by all the people and gifts and food that I totally forgot to take pictures – but I did get a couple shots in the afternoon, and the next day after Dan and I took Harley on a walk with my parents.

Adorable and delicious strawberry cream cheese cupcakes from Taryn
Adorable and delicious strawberry cream cheese cupcakes from Taryn
Hillary giving baby Richards a kiss
Hillary giving baby Richards a kiss
Family Pic :)
Family Pic 🙂

On Sunday morning we celebrated Father’s Day by eating leftovers and looking through old baby pictures. I got Dan a pink baby onesie with a motorcycle on it that says “I’d rather by riding with daddy” and I got my dad a baby bib that says “The best dads get promoted to grandpa.” (I need to remember to take pictures of these things for the blog!) It was also really fun just to be home and to sift through photos of my parents while they were expecting – and of course baby pictures of me – like this gem:

Love at first sight
Love at first sight

Sunday afternoon Dan and I drove back to Maine, and unloaded all the baby gear into the nursery. Then after a quick visit to Margie and Jerry’s house for some snuggles with baby Charlotte (and a pit stop at the grocery store for chocolate covered bananas and cheetos) we promptly fell asleep – we were exhausted! Now to get through this work week and do it all over again! We are lucky lucky lucky, and baby Richards is spoiled spoiled spoiled!

In other news – at my doctor’s appt this morning I learned baby is head down and engaged! Apparently that is supposed to explain all the pain and pressure I’ve been feeling. From now on, appointments every week. Can’t believe we’re in the home stretch!

And now…this week’s chart:

How far along? 35 weeks (5 weeks to go!)

Total weight gain: 28 lbs (according to the doctor’s scale, only 26 pounds…so maybe I’ll go with that)
Maternity clothes?  yes, but I prefer no clothes
Stretch marks? 😦
Sleep: occasionally
Best moment this week: seeing all my friends and family at the baby shower
Miss Anything? not feeling like a stuffed turkey
Movement: a lot, and it’s getting really uncomfortable!
Food cravings: chocolate frozen yogurt with marshmellows in it
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope
Gender: It’s a girl!
Labor Signs: more cramping, some braxton hicks, lots of tightness and pressure
Symptoms: heartburn and acid reflux (still, although it’s lessening a little bit as baby drops)
Belly Button in or out? starting to pop out a little bit
Wedding rings on or off? one on, one off – no swelling yet in my hands (ankles are getting a little bit puffy) but I’m worried how I’ll fare as it gets hotter and hotter out
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy, but uncomfortable
Looking forward to: my second baby shower this weekend in Maine 🙂

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