Taking the Target out of Kids Birthday Gifting

Don’t even pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. You buy all your birthday gifts at Target. I know you do because I saw you there, begging your toddler for the love of all things caffeine to SIT DOWN and stop putting Elsa sweatshirts in the cart.

It’s ok mama. I feel you. I know why your here.

  • You forgot it was Angela’s birthday this weekend and now it’s too late even for Amazon Prime.
  • You only know Angela from preschool and your toddler is WAAAAY too unreliable to tell you what kind of animated character she loves, never mind her clothing or shoe size.
  • You also need milk. And diapers. And a new designer stapler for your desk…in the attic.
  • There’s a Starbucks at the end of aisle 5.

It’s ok mama. I’m right there with you. Iced caramel machiatto, skim, no whip. And a My Little Pony dream stable for Angela.

But here’s the thing.

I’m also a mom that hosts birthday parties for two small children and holy hell, the plastic crap is out of control. It’s taking over our house and even with weekly trips to Goodwill I’m stepping on members of the Paw Patrol left and right. It’s to the point where I start to dread their “big days” because how many more My Little Pony brushes can a person step on before accidentally bringing the entire toy bin to the dump?

Enter: Why & Whale Box

Why & Whale is a monthly subscription package featuring handpicked apparel, toys, books and more for trendsetting kids and babies. They sent Mia a surprise pack for her birthday this month and let’s just say, she was pretttttty excited. Go ahead and see for yourself.

Ok fine so maybe I was equally as excited but seriously Kid and Kind? Little Lux? A perfectly curated birthday present that comes pre-wrapped?


I was super impressed by the quality of the items in the box, perfect for a modern mama and all ethically sourced – and the toys and accessories were totally age (and trend) appropriate. I mean it’s pretty hard to top a unicorn necklace for a soon-to-be four-year-old.

The packaging was also adorable and I wish I had time to get more photos of it before Mia tore it to shreds.

Toddlers – am I right?

Oh and the package also came with a rainbow lollipop which is the perfect way to make even the most overstimulated and underwhelmed birthday boy or girl screech with joy and proclaim your present to be the BEST ONE EVER!

Don’t even pretend you don’t get at least a littttttle bit full of yourself when your gift is the one they can’t wait to open immediately. #momgoals

If you’re wondering the specs on the box, it comes via priority mail each month with 3-6 new, modern items from popular “small shop” brands. Most are run by moms and ethically made in the USA. The boxes range in price based on how many months you purchase and run around $50-$60 a month. The retail value of the items inside the box we received was definitely over $100. The boxes are all hand-selected based on the age and gender of the child – so you won’t end up with a onesie for your 5-year-old – and they have options for kids 6 months to 6 years old.

So the next time a little terror I mean toddler that you love is celebrating their big day (or any other gift-giving occasion), skip the Target tantrum and give them a gift that keeps on giving – and not in a “I keeping finding glitter under the couch cushions” kind of way. A monthly subscription box full of ethically made and perfectly on-trend toys, clothes and fun accessories that pass even the “small shop, boutique baby mom” test.

I would know, guilty as charged.

Thanks Why & Whale for the perfect present!

#spon #whyandwhalereview



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